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My mistakes and improvements...

My name is Jassy. I draw both hentai and non hentai works of art. Some are challenging, the rest fundamental and random. Thank you for visiting my profile and please have a wonderful day.


Sai is acting funny again. Damn you Win 10! Dx
GOMDS: New Beginnings [+18 UPDATE Doodle]
GOMDS conclusion! Just wanted to finished what I started. I know its sudden, but I will be moving unto newer things in the future. :3 I'd like to thank everyone for reading the short story smut and supporting this random idea I always had. I luh you guise! :D

Dahlia finds her true happiness and it started with a smile from an innocent young man's face.

In just one year,
so much has happened... Is this still a dream or am I still refusing to accept
reality? Whatever it may be, I can finally smile again without feeling forced

"You're a what?" I said in an ecstatic tone.

Orin was silent as he looked down
to the floor. The glowing tattoos on his body dimmed as they suddenly
disappeared. He stood up, wiping his wet cock with baby wipes from Michael's
desk, still not uttering a response. I was intrigued and upset at the same
time. I only thought things like this was untrue...a fairy tale, a mere myth
from a fantasy book. I stood up, a bit shaken from Orin's thrusts. He walked
back over to me and helped me sit down on the bench. He sat beside me, his
beautiful skin smooth and free from pimples and flaws. I waited patiently
still, wanting him to explain what was going on.

"When I first met you,"
he started, "I was captivated by your beauty and purity. I have lived for
thousands of years on earth and have seen everything happen before my eyes. I
have killed many men by taking their wives only to watch them die before me. I
never loved anyone honestly. I only drain their life essence so that I can
remain here on earth. I may not look it, but I am 3,000 years old. I was lost
when I first came to earth... I lost my sister Miko from a battle against a
traitor who wanted to take over the throne in our homeland. Since then, I have
wandered hopelessly throughout the earth, sexing women and killing them, but
you...I could not harm you after witnessing the ordeal your husband put you
through. I wanted to kill him and make him pay for hurting you. Then I found
life essence in your milk and fell in love with you. I was afraid to say
something, but me being a demon would probably break your sanity."

Astonished by his honesty, I
could not say anything. I was at a loss for words, unable to speak from my
mouth. I got up and faced Orin as his golden eyes captivated me. The mere thought
of him killing Michael made me horny again. I could not tell if this was me
thinking this or my true flesh...

"Orin, I love you. You have
been by my side since my husband decided to neglect me more. I am still shocked
by this and it will take some time getting used to, but I don't care. You, a
demon, cares for someone like me... It’s unbelievable."

"Dahlia..." Orin said,
"Let me take care of you forever, give you immortality and lots of

I blushed, "O-Orin!

"Please...let me treat you
like the queen you truly are."

In that moment, tears fell from
my eyes. Orin hugged me as my breasts pressed against his chest. I sniffled as
he stroked my back, planting kisses on my neck. His hand went to my pussy,
slightly stroking my folds as two fingers went inside. I moaned sharply as I
twitched by his touches. I kept moaning as he continued kissing the nape of my
neck. Suddenly, all my fears were gone... At that moment I didn't care what
happened in the future. I was ready to begin my life anew with Orin by my side.

Months later, Orin, Karen
Nicholson and I were married. Orin loved Karen as well and decided to wed her
also. I was excited to have another busty woman fuck me and Orin in bed until
we all collapse into the early morning. Another incubus named Sio, was Orin's
friend he hasn't seen in many years until recently. After exchanging vows, we
fucked right on the church’s floor. I was so happy that I was ready for the endless
sex, the tit-sucking, and pleasuring. Karen and I moaned and howled as we both
pleased our husband Orin and Sio. Is this what real happiness feels like?
Pain-free and full of life?


"Wow, that's very
interesting Dahlia..." coughed Dr. Ross, my therapist. “But what happened
to Michael?"

I was sitting in a beautiful,
rose-colored dress with stiletto pumps switching legs replying nonchalantly,
"Dead. Him, his mistress...their kids. All dead." I continued,
"After months of battling him in court, I decided to take him to the
cleaners. I didn't settle for that little deal he placed on the table, I wanted
him to be the broke sonofabitch I met in college. His mistress wasn't so keen
on that, so she began making threats towards me. Orin caught wind and decided
to take them all out when the time was right. After the judge gave me all of
Michael's assets, his other luxury cars and beach houses he had scattered
across California, Orin and I celebrated gloriously. Soon after all that
happened, Michael was penniless. He
had to recoup all the money he lost just to feed his bitch and bastard
children. Sio, Orin's good friend, took care of those pesky gnats swiftly and
quietly, but I asked him to keep Michael alive. I sat in their blood splattered
living room with Evelyn and the others dead; my legs were crossed with a lit
cigarette in my fingertips.”

 “He was bloodied and beaten, but still
breathing a little. I walked up to him and grabbed his messy, bloody, greasy
hair he always had laid down and said these exact words, "How does it feel to experience pain? To feel like nothing at all?
I gave you my world and you crushed it in the palm of your hand. But I'm
alright; I have someone who will love me even until the end of time..."

He begged and pleaded for his
life, but Orin walked in from behind me and grabbed Michael by the throat,
angry from his past negligence and abuse towards me. I looked on, smoking my
cigarette still as he snapped his neck with ease and ripped out his throat as
blood flew everywhere. When I saw death in his eyes, he faded from this world
looking at the woman he spiritually abused. Orin dropped him and wiped his
hands as I dabbed the rest of my cigarette on Michael's forehead. Sio gathered
their souls as I looked at Orin smiled at me.

He asked, "Are you happy, my

I nodded simply and kissed his
lips. The place was on fire as we escaped unharmed, and like a phoenix rising
from the ashes, I was starting a new beginning for myself. Police say it was a
murder-suicide, neighbors, "arson or foul play". Whatever they
believe, could keep the town talking for many years to come. The fall of
Michael Robins was indeed astonishing."

Dr. Ross shocked by what he just
heard began to sweat as I smiled at him. By policy, whatever is said in the
room could not go out, but either way, he could have recorded our conversation the
entire time and I still would not care less if he did.

"Thank you Dr. Ross for
listening to my story and now, a new chapter begins. Farewell."

 I got up from my seat and walked out of his
office leaving him still speechless.

 A Gucci bag full of money to cover my fees,
sat up on his secretary's desk as Sio was eating her pussy out like a beast.
The others were dead as their souls left from their shells, entering Sio's
body. I smirked as I put on my sunglasses walking out of the door. Outside, I
was greeted by my pregnant wife and husband as I too was finally with child
once again. Karen and I were both expecting as we both got pregnant by Orin
during our honeymoon in Paris. My chauffeur greeted me also as he opened the
door to our stretch limo. Orin helped us both in as we took off into the city.
I sipped on some sparkling water as Orin began to pull down my panties. I was
sticky as he smiled at me and began to lick and eat my pussy. Karen took out my
breasts as she sucked on them, while Orin's fingers were fucking her cunt under
her long sundress. I moaned softly as I stroked Orin's white hair and fed Karen
my tit. We were both so full of milk that Orin may drink it all before our
children could. Karen and I both climaxed, smiling gleefully as my body loved
all this attention. Even until now, I still could not believe that I was the
girl of his dreams...

The End. ~

GOMDS: Liberation... [+18 UPDATE CENSORED Doodle]
I was feeling inspired and random, not my best work so here goes. Only one more part to conclude GOMDS!

Dahlia is torn when she receives news that Michael's mistress is pregnant again and things tend to go another way when Dahlia breaks down.

    After days of silence and weeks of distance, Michael finally came home. I remembered like it was yesterday...the mood was somber and the fresh smell of Brazilian roasted coffee filled the kitchen air. I stared at the paper on the table in disbelief, saddened at what I saw. I tried to make sense from it, but it hurt my head in doing so. Tears fell down my rose-colored cheeks while at the same time it ruined my mascara. Michael did not look at me, nor did he speak. I continued staring at the white paper and on it, had "Divorce" written in bold, capital letters at the top. My husband continued to break my heart without having a care in the world all to be with his mistress/ex-secretary, Evelyn Romano.

"I'll take care of you and Orin, I promise you that. You can keep the house, the Range Rover and Lexus Coupe. I won't be needing those since they are already paid for. Plus, I will grant you five million a year for three years. So if I were you, I'd be wise and invest that money into a lucrative business. Lastly, I will cover the bills for the next six months and pay the insurance on the house and cars so you won't have to dig into the money I will grant you. Are there any questions?"


I looked up at him as he waited for an answer. I trembled, trying to find the words to erect from my mouth. I wanted to ask him why did he hurt me so much and why was he throwing our marriage away for a young, naïve girl he will hurt and betray also?


"Michael, does our marriage mean anything to you?" my voice broke.

"Once," Michael boldly answered, "but now, our paths must go on separate ways."

"For three years, you had an affair with this woman I met once at your office after I made you fire the other bitch... You decided to throw away our love to make her the mother of your children? Now you divorce me in the midst of it?!"

Michael retorted, "Dahlia, you are infertile! I wanted kids and that is the one thing you could never give me!"

My eyes widened when he said that. I was shocked... Even until now, he still couldn't deal with the miscarriage from so long ago. I looked at him and sighed, knowing it was futile to go back and forth. He planned this all along and yet I was too blind to see it coming. With all the things happening to me right now, I couldn't understand why I was going through such terrible pain.

"Enough of this, sign the divorce papers and then I'll be on my way." Michael ordered.

"You son of a are punishing me over one miscarriage??" I fumed.

"This isn't a punishment, it’s just a way of saying goodbye and moving to bigger and better things. I admit that I stopped loving you way before the miscarriage, but when that happened, it was the final seal."

    The pain I felt was unimaginable. I wanted to get a big, kitchen knife and stab him for saying that, but what would it do? I would lose Orin...and I would lose what's left of my self-worth. Instead of arguing, I signed the divorce papers and handed them back to him in such a rage. He got up and fixed his tie while grabbing his coat from behind the chair he was sitting on. He walked out that door, never looking back or even saying goodbye. In that moment, I felt sadder even though my love for him was dead as well. Maybe somewhere in my heart still beats for him, but now it’s just a faded memory. I was released and now I could be with Orin...


    That night, he pounded into me, my hair was pulled, my ass was slapped, Orin nibbled on my ear as we fucked on the floor in Michael's study. I was so full of lust that my anger disguised it. I screamed in passion, my massive breasts jiggling out of control. In my mind, all I could do was hate Michael. The camera in the background blinked a red light as I was recording our sex fest. The room was hot and sweaty as my pussy devoured Orin's cock. I mumbled as I told him to fuck me harder. He said no words as he grabbed my cheeks and mashed them together, my pussy deep throating his fat cock. I wanted Ms. Nicholson to suck my tits and lick my cunt as Orin fucks me. I wanted to taste her again like I did in the classroom as he took us both on. I wanted to cum, I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry all at the same time. Sweat dripped down my skin, my cherry scent driving Orin crazy. Maybe fate did not want me to procreate with Michael, maybe my destiny was with Orin, a true lover. He cared for me even though he is young, but he fucks like a man and kisses so deeply with a wet tongue. I wanted to be with him forever, never leaving his side. I wanted the thoughts of Michael and his whore and bastard children to escape my mind. The pain...the must leave my soul. I felt Orin getting bigger as I climaxed. I wanted more! I wanted him to destroy my pussy and cast me into a pool of his nectar. I...




...loved him that much.


Only he could take this pain away with each thrust he pounded into me, I felt alive and somehow more energetic. 


" will be the mother of my child! Fuck your husband! He does not know what a good woman is."


    I smiled when he said that, only to feel him kissing my womb with his cock. Suddenly, we went faster and body already shutting down from the recent orgasm I just had. I didn't care nor did I stop him. I was moaning in lust waiting for release. Orin grunts madly, fucking me into the floor like a pro. The camera still went on as I yelled in satisfaction. In the next moment, I realized that Orin was glowing! No, really! I wasn't hallucinating nor was I losing my mind... That's when I tried to get back into reality, but Orin refused to stop. The room became darker as lights flickered on and off... I felt my legs giving up, but it felt so good I didn't even want him to stop. Thunder crackled inside the room as the camera exploded. Orin's thrusting shook my body as I felt him go deeper and deeper. I screamed as I was coming again, the room shook uncontrollably by an unseen force. When I closed my eyes tight, that is when I knew I was at peace. Something glowed inside me, as I realized that Orin planted his seed in my infertile soil. The light was warm and gentle, yet my body was hot. I collapsed as hot cum went inside my womb. I looked behind me as Orin tried to hide his tattoos.

 Startled, I asked, "Are you okay?"

Orin was breathing heavily as he tried to back away from me. He glowed like rays from the sun... I could tell right then and there that he wasn't human at all.


GOMDS: Teacher's Pet [+18 UPDATE Doodle]

Ms.Nicholson, Orin's history teacher begins tutoring him because he is failing her class...purposely. He seduces her and makes her his next victim. But as he enjoys his new "breast mate", Dahlia walks in with a fistful of tears.

    I wondered why he never came straight home after school that day. I sat and I sat, hoping that he would walk through that door and embrace me with a big, warm, hug. It’s funny how it’s only been several months since Orin moved in with me and Michael, and yet, it feels that we have known each other for a long time. It’s also hard to believe that I have fallen for him despite being married. But even my marriage has fallen into a deep abyss, faded into nothingness and sadness. The love I once had for him began to wither away as my love for Orin, grew even stronger.


    Maybe I should pick him up from school and surprise him! Take him out for milkshakes and have sex on top of the car like last time. I was so anxious to see his face. My pussy desperately longing for his thick cock inside me. These temptations were more than just lust, they began to form into something much darker and deadly. I got on my shoes, put on my best dress and proceeded to pick him up. My heart, racing, had me feeling so happy. I only smiled to myself, remembering that he was supposed to be my adopted son.


    Once I arrived, no one was outside. The parking lot was empty, but only one car was present. A new Honda Civic painted in a deep red color, was parked under a large, oak tree. I suddenly forgotten that Orin had to be tutored today and his teacher, Ms. Nicholson, happily offered to help. At first, I thought nothing of it, but then my heart began to pound. My heels clacked hurriedly on the floor as I made my way to her classroom. I saw someone moving about as I crept closer. That's when I felt my whole world collapsed. I slowly opened the door, walking in quietly as I saw Ms. Nicholson and Orin. She was completely naked while Orin still had on his shirt. I watched in silence as the woman moaned softly, her big breast placed on Orin's mouth. She was masturbating him as the loud suckles from his mouth made her blush redder than the paint on her car. They did not notice me as I stood crying silently behind them.

    She moaned out his name while muttering something under her breath of sexual praise. I watched them even though I wanted it to be me Orin pleasured. I backed away and closed the door, tears falling on my dress. I could not blame him though, his teacher was single and beautiful and yet, she already fell victim to his amazing sex. I stood against the door, stroking my already wet cunt under my dress. Why was I acting this way? And why did it turn me on? I looked at them as she kept moving her hand up and down, Orin's cum already sliding down his shaft. He grunted lowly as I continued watching. Is this jealousy I feel even though there is a ring of commitment on my finger? I sighed sadly, only to retreat back to my car, but then, I felt something. I looked back as I saw Orin holding my hand. He was silent as death, yet his smile captivated me. Without saying anything else, he guided me back into the classroom as the door slowly closed behind me.


GOMDS: Girl Of My Dreams

Mature Content

Girl of My Dreams... (Doodle) by JassyCoCo

Mature Content

Girl of my dreams: Breastfast by JassyCoCo

Mature Content

GOMDS: Fresh Milk... [+18] by JassyCoCo

Mature Content

GOMDS: Netflix Night... [NSFW +18 Doodle] by JassyCoCo

Mature Content

GOMDS: Liberation... [+18 CENSORED Doodle] by JassyCoCo

This is about a neglected housewife adopting a young man named Orin who turns out to be an Incubus and falls in love with her. Things heat up when he has a breast and bondage fetish. 


Girl of My Dreams

By Jassy Coco

Act I


[Scene: Therapist, Dr. Gerald Ross’s lavish office in Beverley Hills, California on a sunny afternoon.

A tall, curvy, woman with an extremely large bust named Dahlia Robins and her therapist, greet each other and sit down as she prepares herself to  talk about her failing marriage to husband Michael Robins, wearing a blue and white 50's-style dress with patent leather black shoes and real pearl earrings. Dr. Ross clears his throat as there was hot coffee sitting on the table as Dahlia picks up a cup and takes a sip.]


Therapist: So tell me, Dahlia. How long have you and Michael been married?


Dahlia: [Puts down the coffee cup] 10 years, but we first met when I was 20 years old in college.


Therapist: When you met him, did you fall in love instantly?


Dahlia: Not at first, well, he was kind of cute and he was in a fraternity at the time. He didn't party much like the other guys, instead, he studied all the time, but he was mostly shy and quiet.


Therapist: Was he like that around you?


Dahlia: Yes. I've never heard him speak as often, but when he did, his voice was so beautiful. Once we gotten to know each other better, we started talking more and more. There was never a day we didn't talk about everything; our hopes, our dreams, even our future together as a couple.


Therapist: Sounds very romantic, but what happened? What brings you to my office today?


Dahlia: Well...I'm afraid that my husband doesn't love me anymore.


Therapist: Why do you say that? You're a charming and beautiful woman. There's no reason to feel that way.


Dahlia: I know, but...Michael has changed. We don't talk anymore, or even make love... During dinner, we just eat in complete silence.


Therapist: What do you think brought this on? Is there another woman involved?


Dahlia: Perhaps... But there's something else that could explain his behavior.


Therapist: Which is?


Dahlia: Last year, I...miscarried. Michael was devastated.


Therapist: Oh...I'm sorry to hear that.


Dahlia: Thank you. Since then...Michael stopped touching me as well as making love to me. I just lay there as he sleeps, quietly sobbing in the darkness. I don't understand at all. I know he's still grieving, but he can't continue to shut me out like this.


Therapist: But Dahlia, you have to understand that he may still be grieving for a reason. People mourn in different ways for long periods of time. But if he hasn't at least tried to comfort you as well since you went through the heartbreaking ordeal, then he may be concealing his pain in a very odd way without upsetting you.


Dahlia: Yes, but now we recently adopted a 18 year old teenager named Orin. And he...


Therapist: 18? He's almost an adult.


Dahlia: True, but he is such a charming, young man...and I....


Therapist: You what, Mrs. Robins?


Dahlia: He fucks me like a real man should and I absolutely love it... Call it strange, but he loves suckling on my huge breasts and fucking my insides out. It’s as if he has me under a spell I cannot break from, but I’m complain.


Therapist: Mrs. Robins! You're fully aware that this is adultery?!


Dahlia: Yes...I know, but the other woman you spoke of, do exists...with a two year old daughter and another on the way.


Therapist: [Silence]...


Dahlia: I need this... I need something Michael once gave to me, and even though it may sound wrong, Orin always watches over my darkest days, in my sleep. He fucks me deep and over Michael's sleeping body. He eats me out under the table as Michael sips his coffee, licking my clit... I love his tongue...his wet mouth on my body... It makes me feel what Michael once did to me on our honeymoon night, but everything died along with his love for me. But my heart keeps beating for him even though Orin's hardened dick is touching my womb every single night... Is this only lust or love, for I love Orin as well?


Therapist: [In shock] ...M-Mrs. Robins...


Dahlia: Is it wrong? Is loving this young man wrong?


Therapist: I--I'm speechless...


Dahlia: So have I ever since that one night he came into my room and talked to me. His voice was deep and gentle and his eyes, the color of ember...something about him made me forget about Michael...his mistress...his silence...everything! [Sobs]


Therapist: But Dahlia, what will you do if Michael catches you and Orin together? Are you willing to risk it all?'


Dahlia: [Scoffs] Risk? Hah! Michael risked our marriage the moment he slept with Kelly, his fucking secretary! While I waited every night for him to welcome me into his arms, we walks past me as if I am invisible, showers, comes back into the dining room and eat his dinner. He sips coffee and reads the paper in bed and fall asleep while I still stand at the front door holding my wedding anniversary gift in my hands! So the hell with him!


Therapist: Two wrongs don't make a right... What he is doing to you isn't right at all, but sleeping with a young adult won't take that pain in your heart away.


Dahlia: But it has Dr. Ross and if he does catch Orin between my honey thighs, I won't stop him just like he didn't stop pushing me away...


Tell me what you guys think. This was free-written so I might change some aspects and don't worry, Miko's Oppai will be up just needing some inputs and stuff. :)

First look at Girl of My Dreams:



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